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An ongoing and online discussion between: an Orthodox informed Ecumaniac without a denominational home, an ordained Baptist youth pastor with an open mind, a Calvinist worship leader/seminarian with a staggering vocabulary and ability to make a point, and a cradle Catholic with a love/hate relationship to Rome.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Introduction of "Catholic" Brother

This is Brother II. I grew up in the same environment as my brother, and probably would be identical to him in belief if two things hadn't happened. The first was my marriage to a woman who questioned all my beliefs and made me re-examine them. The second was my discovery that John Michael Talbot, one of my favorite Christian artists, was Roman Catholic. This cause me to start over with my faith and coming to some surprising conclusions.

It is a bit of a misnomer to say I'm a catholic. I cannot commune in a Roman Catholic or Orthodox church and know only a few Roman Catholic priests who would make an exception in my case. I always look first to the ancient Church to form my opinion and belief and probably would submit to the Holy Father or an Orthodox bishop except for two, small things. First, if I joined an Orthodox church I would have to be rebaptized, meaning (to me) that I was not currently a Christian. I know this to be false. Second, because I am not considered part of the Body, my family is not, and I know that to be false as well.

So, I thumb my nose at 2,000 years of tradition and take my chances, depending on the eternal love and mercy of God. (Gulp!) That said, we press onwards and upwards!


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