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Monday, September 05, 2005

Wikipedia Articles on Religion

  1. Atheism: God does not exist.
  2. Agnosticism: The existence of God or gods is unknown and/or inherently unknowable; rejects faith.
  3. Deism: God created the world but does not interact with it. Emphasis on deities' transcendence.
  4. Theism (second definition): God(s) is immanent in the world, yet transcends it:
  • Polytheism: Type of theism; belief in several or many gods.
  1. Monolatry: Several gods, but only one of them is worshipped.
  2. Henotheism: Several gods are worshipped, but one is seen as supreme.
  3. Kathenotheism: Worship of one god at a time, seeing each as supreme in turn.
  1. Monistic: Everything is of one essential essence or energy.
  2. Dualism: Everything is of two essential essences or energies.
  3. Pluralism: Everything is of many essential essences or energies.
  1. Panentheism: The world is entirely contained within God, while at the same time God is something greater than just the world.
  2. Pantheism: The world is identical to God; emphasis on the deity's immanence.


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