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Monday, November 28, 2005

Your Thoughts?

A friend of mine wrote this. What do you think?

If the Orthodox Church is a hospital then his local Evangelical Church may well be a First Aid post or even a Field Hospital. Not as well equipped, but certainly bringing some healing to damaged souls and keeping them on the road when there is no hospital anywhere nearby, or no signs pointing out where it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The difference between a Boy Scout, a Paramedic and a Medical Doctor tend to be the amount of training and the number of tools that they can use.

If you really want to look for a parallel between the faiths, I would say that the most humble Christian with only the most basic of Christian knowledge is like the Boy Scout. They have little training but a desire to serve.

Those good Christians, who have good zeal and faith, even if not informed by the depth of theology of the whole Church, nor even of the greater part of the sacraments, may nonetheless be compared to Paramedics. They have more training and a desire to serve.

A Catholic or Orthodox Pastor, with great theological knowledge and the power of the sacraments would be like the Doctor. They have a complete training and a desire to serve.

What is good about all of them is that they have training, have faith, and are ready to serve. For this reason, any one of them may save a life. But, if one had a choice, wouldn't you go to those who have the most training and best tools?


5:13 AM  
Blogger The Poor Blogger said...

I agree, but I think the guy who wrote that was trying to find a way to reconcile Orthodoxy and other Christian confessions in a way that recognized their participation in the Church, without allowing for the loss of Orthodox Truth.

But I like what you said.

7:55 PM  

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