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Friday, December 16, 2005

On the Virgin

"The Valley and the Spirit do not die, " said the Ancient Sage (Lao Tzu).
"They form what is called the Mystic Mother,
From whose gave somes the Origin of heaven and earth."
And "this gate shall be shut," said the Ancient Prophet (Isaiah).
"It shall not be opened, and no one shall pass through it;
For the Lord shal enter by it."

The Mind spoke, and through His Word
Answered the earth's elemental moan.
Above that roaring cry
He answered with a still, small voice:
I will come. Will you receive me, then?
But no man heard that voice.
Only a small young woman,
Who had lived, unknown, in silence and purity in the Great Temple
Was given to hear it.
And in a still,s mall voice, She gave voice to the whole earth.
She answered for all those beings and created forms who could not speak;
She answered for all the people who could not hear.
And to the question of the Uncreated Mind,
She answered: Yes,
I will receive you.
Be it unto me according to Your Word.

In Her the Way had found the lowest place in the entire earth --
The nadir of the Valley,
The supreme humility, lowliness --
And there He came and made His abode.
He took flesh of Her whom He loved above all others who dwelled on the earth,
Who was meek and humble like Himself.
And lowering Himself, emptying Himself, in His love, to the lowest place,
He became a tiny child within Her, the Mystic Mother.

Because of Her profound and intangible humiliy,
Her gate, opened by no man,
Through which no one had passed through,
Became the gate from which came the Origin of heaven and earth.

Because She had returned to the state of the uncarved block, the pristine simplicity,
She became the "mountain unhewn by the hand of man,"
Whom the Ancient Prophet had foretold.
And the Spirit, the Breath of Heaven,
Rested upon Her, the Valley of humillity, as He had open the first-formed world.


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