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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Trinity and the Tao

The triangle is the first full form.
The Three is the principle of Order.
The Order that must exist before the multiplicity of things.
Therefore, the Ancient Sage (Lao Tzu) said:
"The Three produces all things."
The Three acting as One,
One not acting without the Others.

The Triad contains itself in perfection,
For it is the first that surpasses the dyad.
It lies beyond the duality of matter,
Of subject and object,
Of self and other.

The Triad is beyond the distinction of the one and the many;
Its perfection goes beyond the multiplicity of which duality is the root.
Two is the number the separates.
Three the number that transcends all separation.
The one and the many find themselves fathered together in the Three,
For the Triad, being many, is also a Unity:
Not a unity of self-absorption, but of love.

For the Three have on nature, one will, one power, one operation.
As One, They do not blend, or become confused,
But They cleave to each other, having their being in each other.
This is the perfect love, the original unity, the original harmony, the final mystery
To which no human thought has ever succeeded in rising.


Blogger fra edwin said...

I would hesitate to compare the Trinity with the Tao. And although I have heard people attempt to identify the Tao with the Will of God, I would hesitate to identify one with the other. Why? Because the Tao is impersonal. It is amoral. It is the flow of "What Is."

The Trinity is not the Tao because above all the Trinity is the completeness of three persons, and therefore very personal. You can relate with a person, but not with the Tao. God has love, justice and mercy, and the Tao has none of these attributes. God is the great "I am" and the use of "I" denotes a person. God actively seeks us, loves us, died for us. The Tao simply is.

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