As Iron Sharpens Iron

An ongoing and online discussion between: an Orthodox informed Ecumaniac without a denominational home, an ordained Baptist youth pastor with an open mind, a Calvinist worship leader/seminarian with a staggering vocabulary and ability to make a point, and a cradle Catholic with a love/hate relationship to Rome.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I AM the Light in darkness
I AM the Face of Spirit
I AM the humble King
I AM the lowest God
I AM the wealthiest Pauper
I AM the hungry Creator
I AM the Husband of harlots and virgins
I AM the Father of orphans
I AM the Friend of outcasts
I AM the Freedom of prisoners
I AM the peaceful Warrior
I AM the cleansing Blood
I AM the dying Healer
I AM the condemned Judge
I AM the Rebel who is Law
I AM the sentenced Forgiveness
I AM the Betrayed by a kiss
I AM the Forsaken by friends
I AM the Love despised
I AM the living Victim
I AM the Thief of transgression
I AM the Death of death


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