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Saturday, March 11, 2006

If You Are A Lutheran: 18 Thing You Didn't Know You Believed

by Pastor William Chancellor Weedon

A quia subscription to the Lutheran Confessions is required of all pastors in the confessional Lutheran churches associated, worldwide, with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Quia means one subscribes to the Lutheran Confessions because they are a faithful exposition of Scripture - every Lutheran likes to think he's a quia. The nasty alternative is quatenus - subscribing insofar as the Confessions agree with Scripture. What follows is a test of your quiatitude.

True or False?
  1. Virginity is a higher gift than marriage.
  2. Mary prays for the Church
  3. Mary is called the most holy virgin
  4. Prayer for the dead is not useless
  5. It would be wicked thing for private absolution to disappear from the church.
  6. The bread in the Lord’s Supper is Christ’s body.
  7. Pastors do not commune those they have not examined and absolved.
  8. Mary is the Mother of God.
  9. Justification can mean “to declare righteous” or “to make righteous” because Scripture speaks both ways.
  10. II Maccabees is Scripture.
  11. In the Eucharist the flesh of Christ given for the life of the world is our food and makes us alive by joining us to Christ.
  12. We should teach people that church rites (made by humans) are to be kept if they can be observed without sin and contribute to peace and good order.
  13. The best way for the Church to be governed is to have one head, Christ, and all the bishops – equal in office – keep diligently together in unity of teaching, faith, sacraments, prayers and works of love.
  14. When the church is deprived of valid judicial process, you can’t remove ungodly teachings and impious forms of worship.
  15. An ordination performed by a pastor in his own church is valid by divine right.
  16. Children should be taught to make the sign of the cross.
  17. The baptized children of God have free will and cooperate with the Holy Spirit.
  18. After Baptism, the inborn corruption is to daily decrease so that we become increasingly gentle, patient, and meek, breaking away from greed, hatred, envy, and pride.
Answer Key

If you got 18 statements as true, congratulations! you really are a quia subscriber to the Lutheran Confessions. You are a Lutheran because you believe that the Lutheran Confessions agree with Scriptures, and not simply insofar as they agree with the Scriptures- one can agree with the Koran insofar as it agrees with the Bible, after all.
  1. Apology XXIII (XI), paragraph 38; Apology XXII:10
  2. Apology XXI (IX), paragraph 27
  3. Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, VIII, paragraph 24
  4. Apology XXIV (XII), paragraph 96
  5. Apology XII:100
  6. SA 3 III:6:1
  7. Apology XXIV:1
  8. Formula of Concord, Epitome VIII:12
  9. Apology, Article IV, par. 71, 72.
  10. Apology XXI (IX), paragraph 9
  11. Apology XXII:10
  12. AC XV:1
  13. SA Part II:4:9
  14. Treatise on the Primacy and Power of the Pope, par. 51
  15. Treatise on the Primacy and Power of the Pope, par. 65
  16. Small Catechism, Morning / Evening Prayers, par, 1, 4
  17. Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, II:67
  18. Large Catechism IV:65-67

Pastor Weedon found, and posted, some other interesting things to add to his infamous "Quia Eye for the Lutheran Guy", what has been titled here "You are a Lutheran...":
  • While good works are not meritorious for forgiveness, grace, or justification, they ARE meritorious for other physical and spiritual rewards in this life and in that which is to come. (See Ap. IV:194)
  • Whoever casts love away will not keep his faith, because he will not keep the Holy Spirit. (See Ap. IV:219)
  • To disparage the mortification of the flesh would be to disparage the outward administration of Christ's rule among men. (See Ap. IV:193)
  • The punishments that chasten us are lightened by our prayers and good works. (See Ap. IV:268)
  • Alms merit many divine blessings, lighten our punishments, and merit a defense for us in the perils of sin and death. (See Ap. IV:278)
  • Among the justified works merit bodily and spiritual rewards through faith and thus there will be distinctions in glory among the saints. (See Ap. IV:355)
  • We are justified so that we might be begin to do good works and to obey the law. (See Ap. IV:348)


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