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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hymn of Love

This is another attempt to render a Coptic prayer singable. It comes from St. Cyril of Alexandria. I heard it sung to the same tune as Conditor Alme Siderum in my head.

O God of Love, O God of Love
You gave to us a new command
That even as you gave us Love
We give ourselves to all of man.

The Love you gave us was Your Son
The One Begotten of You, He
Our life and our salvation won.
May we give of ourselves as free.

Though sinful servants, we request
Through all the struggles of our days
A mind forgetful of the past
A heart to love all, and your ways.


Prayer for Love
From Coptic liturgy of Saint Cyril, Fifth century

O God of love, who gave us a commandment that we should love one another,
even as you loved us and gave your beloved son for our life and salvation;
we pray you to give us, your servants, in all times of our life on the earth,
a mind forgetful of past ill-will, and a heart to love our brothers and sisters.


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