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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lyrics: Meekness and Majesty

Haj, what's funny is that I, without meaning to, dissed Graham Kendrick when it was his song I told you was so excellent this past Sunday. Here's the lyrics to which I was referring:

Meekness and majesty
Manhood and Deity
In perfect harmony
The Man who is God
Lord of eternity
Dwells in humanity
Kneels in humility
And washes our feet

O what a mystery
Meekness and majesty
Bow down and worship
For this is your God
This is your God

Father's pure radiance
Perfect in innocence
Yet learns obedience
To death on a cross
Suffering to give us life
Conquering through sacrifice
And as they crucify
Prays: 'Father forgive.'

Wisdom unsearchable
God the invisible
Love indestructible
In frailty appears
Lord of infinity
Stooping so tenderly
Lifts our humanity
To the heights of His throne


Blogger Hajiburton said...

Dearest Frater,

That's a fine piece of work, worthy of a better era in the history of sacred music than the late 1980s. Kendrick was a bright light in dark times.
As long as we're doling out compliments, these lyrics deserve comment. The humility of our Lord is truly amazing to the point of mysteriousness. What else could we do but bow down and worship?
To answer my own question, we could also perhaps imitate this humility. Dom. Jean Leclercq pointed me to an important truth in St. Bernard (de Gracia et Libero Arbitrio) today: true self-knowledge is identical with humility.

rank imitator

11:41 PM  

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