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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Two Trees

And so it was that, when God made a home for man, He caused two trees to grow there. The first was but a shrub, a stem with few scant leaves and no fruit. The name of this tree was Life. Yet it had two other hidden names. These were Love and Obedience. These names were not revealed to the man.

The second tree was created in full bloom, laden with ripened fruit, and its name was Knowledge. Yet it had other names as well. These were Death and Ease.

For many years after the Fall the first tree languished. Yet, when Noah began to build the ark, the tree began to grow and, of all the vegetation that existed before the great flood, it alone survived intact.

Again, it grew as Abraham left his home for Canaan and willingly offered his son as a sacrifice.

Still more when Moses led the people of God from captivity to the Promised Land.

Later, when King Josiah of Judah tore down the high places, it grew.

Bit by bit, year by year, century by century it grew until the fullness of time came to pass. In those days, the final fruit developed. As a young maid responded, "Yes," to an angel, a flower blossomed and Eternity entered her womb.

On the night when Eternity was birthed, the flower became fruit and dropped to Earth. And the fruit was the most beautiful that had ever been seen by the eyes of men. Thus, men hid their faces from it, and sought to destroy it by destroying eternity.

Yet, on the day when Eternity was nailed to the first tree, the fruit vanished, as if it had never been. But the second tree also withered and died, though tended more vigorously through the centuries than the first.

On the third day, Eternity walked the Earth again. And the seed of the fruit was planted in those who followed Him.

Thus it has been ever since.
In each man is planted both trees.
In ease, he may pluck the fruit of Knowledge,
but only taste Death.
Or he may, by Obedience,
tend the tree of Life, of Love,
and taste the fruit thereof.

1 Sam. 15:22
To obey is better than sacrifice
Jhn 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments


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